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Kiss of Steel

Kiss of Steel - Bec McMaster

I'm so glad I read this book! I loved it. I was immediately drawn into the story and the world from page one. The author does a pretty amazing job at getting the dark atmosphere across. I had a crystal clear vision of what this version of London was like and while it was sad and dark the story wasn't overly angsty.


I really enjoyed the characters. Honoria and Blade were both tortured souls that cared about their families and would do anything to protect them. The romance was wonderful and I was really rooting for them even when it looked like there was no way they could make it work.


The secondary characters were varied and interesting as well. There were several that I want to know more about.


The paranormal world-building really worked for me. There were no huge info dumps that bog down the story, you learn as the story progresses. I don't know everything about the world yet, but I suspect I will learn more as the series continues.


I thought the author's take on vampires was really interesting and unique. I do read another series where vampirism is a disease, but this was a totally different take on the idea. It's tough to make vampires fresh and this author was able to do that.


This book has steampunk elements, but I would say it's steampunk-lite. Not so much as to overwhelm, but enough to give you a feel for it. If you are new to the sub-genre this might be a good starter book. Overall, this was a winner for me and I'm very excited to read more in the series. I feel like there are many stories left to tell in this world.