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I'm an internet junkie that is obsessed with books. I own more than I will ever read in this lifetime and yet I'm still compelled
to buy more. I read mostly romance (mild to completely smutty), YA and urban fantasy.


Nightshifted - Cassie Alexander Okay, so I have finally found something that truly squicks me out: zombies as a love interest. Seriously... ick! I actually wish I could bleach my brain. Aside from that problem, the book was actually pretty interesting. It's a very odd take on the supernatural. If it weren't for that whole zombie thing I probably would've given it four stars. Edie is a nurse that works the nightshift in a secret wing of the hospital that tends to supernatural patients. She accidentally causes the death of one of her patients which sets in motion a string of somewhat strange events, wherein she rescues a vampire in a nine-year-old girls body. After that the plot gets a bit intricate and maybe even a little scattered, but it stays interesting and I enjoyed most of the secondary characters. The jury is still out on whether I will read book two. I think I want to see how much zombie action is in it before I decide.