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Highlander Most Wanted: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs

Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks

I have to say that I was a bit let down by this book. I'm not entirely sure if it was my fault or the books fault that I had this reaction. This was one of my most highly anticipated books for this year. I absolutely adored the first book, Never Seduce A Scot, and was really excited to see Bowen find someone. So, for that reason I'm a bit surprised that I found this book just average. I think perhaps I let my expectations get a bit too high.


I didn't really feel any kind of connection to the hero or heroine and I felt like I didn't really see them fall in love. On the upside I really liked Taliesan and I could already see a connection between she and Brodie. I was thrilled to see that the next book features them and look forward to reading their story.


I also really loved the brief appearances of Graeme, Eveline and Rorie. Overall, a decent read, but my least favorite of the Highlander books by Maya Banks.