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With Only Five Plums - The Time Before

With Only Five Plums: The Time Before (Book 1) - Terry Eisele, Jonathon Riddle

This is another graphic novel I came across when I went to the Small Press Alternative Comics Expo. The writer was kind enough to let me know that it was available at my local library so of course I put it on hold as soon as I got home.


To write this review without at least mentioning Maus would be really poorly done on my part. For obvious reasons this graphic novel reminds me strongly of Maus although done in a way that is slightly less approachable.


The story is heartbreaking and even more so because these things really happened. The artwork is stark. Black and white, large pictures, not a typical comic book style. The story doesn't require a lot of flashy artwork though.


Overall I'm finding the story powerful and moving. I've already placed books 2 and 3 on hold at the library.