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Hate List [Review]

Hate List - Jennifer Brown



It has been forever since I've had the time or interest to actually finish any book I've started so that is probably part of the reason I scored this one so high.


The basic premise is that Valerie (the main character) is shot during a school shooting. The main conflict in the story isn't the shooting itself really, but the fact that the shooter was her boyfriend. I think my emotions were as all over the place as Valerie's. Ultimately I think it was interesting to see how each person was changed by the incident and how some things didn't change. There will always be hate in the world. There will always be people that don't like you and that won't change even if something drastic happens. It's part of who we are as people and unfortunately learning to live with that reality seems to be especially difficult for teens.


I think the author did a fairly good job presenting difficult subject manner and if I didn't find the ending especially satisfying , I think it was hopeful.